Margaret Wysocka-Kibart

About Paper Dreams

The idea of Paper Dreams was created in 2018. The main inspiration ware the changes taking place in the natural environment as well as the influence of technology both, on our perception of reality and building relationships with other people.

We want to create art that is accessible, honest in its meaning and at the same time devoid of intrusive or drastic ways of imaging. It is an endless sequence of interpretations. It is an attempt to awaken the sensitivity and empathy that lie dormant in us. It is also an invitation to contemplate nature, immerse yourself in silence, look for the essence of your own self and find out what is most important in life.

About printing technique

All illustrations are printed in the Fine Art Print technique on graphic paper with 100% cotton content. Prints are made using the best quality materials. The lifetime of the colors is determined on average for 150 to 200 years. Fine Art prints are made only with special printing pigments on dedicated papers that don’t contain bleaching substances. Both pigments and foundations have a guarantee of artistic durability.

Let’s talk:

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mobile: +48 509 131 300

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