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Paper Dreams

You’ve just come to a special place. This is where you’ll find amazing stories sewn into paper prints. Awaken your treasure hunter. Discover your unknown self. Invite art to your home. Invite her inside.


In a world where there is so little of it around us and where is no room and space for silence. When you feel lost in the multitude of events and thoughts, I invite you for a short break. Stop, take a breath and look ... Immerse yourself in deep silence as fleeting as paper, a vision as unusual as a dream, after which you will wake up full of life.


The collection was inspired by the hidden symbolism of selected plant species and their supernatural meaning. I also encourage you to your own interpretation, reflections that may become the beginning of an extraordinary journey inside, the essence of your own self.


Nature is not a place to visit. This is the place we always return to, it is the state in which we feel natural. It’s just our home.


To exist is to coexist. This piece of paper exists because everything else also exists. Now, for example, let's try to turn the sunlight back to the sun. Will this card exist? No. The forest cannot grow without the sun. No cloud, no rain, no rain, no trees, no tree, no paper. If we return the woodcutter to his mother, we will also have no paper. This paper is entirely composed of non-paper elements. If we return non-paper items to their sources, we will have no paper. So this tiny piece of paper contains the whole universe ...

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